Potty Training a Dachshund Dog

Nobody likes to clean up after their dog’s “accidents”, which is why dachshund potty training should be done as soon as possible. The longer you let your dog to potty indoors, the harder it will be for them to drop the habit.

You need to make sure going potty indoors never becomes a habit. This means walking the dog often, correcting their behavior if/when you catch them in action and rewarding them for peeing and pooping outside.

If you catch your dachshund in action, you have to pick him up and carry him outside. Even if this means more for you to clean, you should still do it. It’s the best way to housetrain your dog and show him that peeing and pooping should be done only outside!

Dealing with an Accident

Occasional accidents are bound to happen. There is no way around that fact. This means that you need to be prepared with dealing with potty accidents. First thing you should remember is that you should never punish or hit your dachshund puppy for having an accident. Housebreaking is about teaching them, not punishing them for things they don’t understand.

What you have to do is first, walk the dog to make sure he is completely finished peeing/pooping. Then you have to clean up the mess completely. You can’t leave any residue or odor behind. Remember that dachshund dogs have strong sense of smell, which means even if you can’t smell the odor, they probably can.

You have to use an odor removing spray to completely eliminate all the smells. If your dog smells a spot and remembers that he has gone there before, he will be more inclined to go potty there again.

Crate Training

Crate training is when you put your dachshund in a small crate or kennel and hope that he will hold in his urge to pee or poop until you let him out. The basic idea is that the dog won’t want to relieve himself inside the crate because it will be unpleasant and he won’t want to sit in a crate that stinks all day.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I personally don’t crate train my dogs because I find it unnecessary. Other people with limited time and busy schedules might disagree. From my point of view, limiting the dog’s space and freedom to prevent accidents from happening is not worth it.

An alternative to crate training would be to walk the dog more often. If you have work, ask your neighbors or hire a dog walker to walk the dog while you’re not home. If you work close to your home, you can also pop in during a lunch break to let your dog out.

Dachshund Puppy Potty Training Tips

Here are some tips on how to housetrain their dachshund puppies:

Walk your puppy every couple of hours – I know that might sound like a lot, but puppies need to be walked more often than adult dogs. Younger dachshund puppies can’t hold in for as long as adults so you are bound to have accidents happen inside if you don’t walk them often enough.

Don’t rush back home once your puppy is finished – Dachshund puppies love to explore new territory. Going outside to a puppy is like going out on adventure. If they learn that the “adventure” quickly stops as soon as they pee or poop outside, they will hold it in until the last moment to squeeze out more adventure time out of you.

Adult Dachshund Housetraining Tips

Adult Dachshund house training is very similar to puppy training. The only difference is the dog needs to unlearn the old habits before he can learn new ones. Here are some tips on how to potty train adult Dachshund dogs:

Watch out for what time your dachshund needs to go, and take him out during those times – Some dogs need to go outside after 10 minutes of eating, others after 20 minutes. Time how long on average your dachshund needs to go potty and schedule your walks around that time. This will greatly reduce chances of your dog having an accident indoors.

Reward the dog for going potty outdoors – Because going potty indoors is now a habit, you need to make potty time outdoors a lot more rewarding. When housebreaking your adult dachshund, give him a treat or at least some praise for doing his business outdoors.

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