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Dachshund Health Tips for a Healthy Dog

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We all want the best for our Dachshund dogs. These dogs are extremely loyal and have complete trust in their owners, so it’s our duty to give them the best of everything we can. We want to give them the best toys, the highest quality food, the tastiest treats and most importantly – a long and healthy life.

To do that however, you need to understand common health problems in the Dachshund dogs. Although they are considered to be one of the healthier breeds, they still need the required attention to their health and wellbeing. Small changes that will improve your dog’s health can also greatly improve their life expectancy.

Dachshund Back Problems

One of the more common health problems amongst the Dachshund breed is back injury. Their long and stretched bodies supported by small legs can cause a lot of stress on their spine. If you take in account the additional weight that can add up from overfeeding, then there is no surprise why this condition is considered to be so “common”.

Dachshund back problems can make it painful for them to walk or stand. In extreme causes, this condition can cause paralysis. This is why it’s very important that you try to prevent this problem before it happens.

To help prevent back problems and injury, make sure you feed your dog with the right proportions of healthy and nutritious foods. Don’t always look at the feeding recommendations on the labels of dog food packages – often times the feeding suggestions are overestimated.

Watch your Dachshund’s weight and activity levels to see how much your dog really needs to eat. If he starts gaining weight, cut back on the food or add more activities. Maintaining a healthy weight will help prevent back problems in Dachshund dogs.

Skin problems

Dachshunds, just like all other dog breeds, are susceptible to all kind of skin problems. Brushing your dog weekly will give you time to inspect their skin so you can spot any problems early. Causes for Dachshund skin problems can be as something as simple as a rash or allergies to something more complicated such as parasites, germs, bacteria or illness.

If you’re not sure what the primary cause of the skin problem in your dog, a trip to the vet won’t hurt. If it’s a parasite, bacteria or infection – your vet will prescribe the right medication to fight the problem. Early signs of skin problems include abnormal discoloration hair loss, blisters, constant itching and licking.

The sooner the vet diagnoses the problem, the easier it will be to cure whatever it is that’s bothering your puppy. Don’t wait until the skin problem spreads before you call the vet.


Just like us humans, dachshund dogs can have allergic reaction to food, plants, shampoos or anything else they come in contact with. Sometimes the allergy signs can be obvious, other times they can be mistaken as symptoms for other problems.

A Dachshund suffering from allergies will most likely be scratching and licking the irritated parts of his body. This constant licking and scratching can cause a rash, which can quickly get infected.

Children doses of certain allergy medication can help relieve some of the allergic symptoms. However the best solution is to identify the cause of the Dachshund’s allergies and prevent or at least limit the exposure.

Allergic reaction to food can be determined by giving your home cooked plain meals with as little variation as possible while still maintaining the required nutrients (usually rice, chicken and some vegetables). Then you continue on adding different foods as long as the Dachshund shows no allergic symptoms.

Avoiding Dachshund Health Problems

Here are some additional tips that will help prevent, or at least identify early, some of the Dachshund health problems. Follow these tips to improve your dog’s health and happiness while at the same time extending their lifespan.

Feed your Dachshund with high quality food – Food is an important factor in your dog’s overall health. Make sure the food that you give to your Dachshund has plenty of vitamins and protein.

Dachshund dogs need exercise – Running can help relieve a lot of stress. It’s soothing, calming and it gets their heart working. A Dachshund that exercises will live a happier and healthier life.

Inspect your dog for health problems every time you groom him – Look for any signs of health problems when grooming your dog. Check his ears, paws, skin and mouth for anything that might look strange or unusual. Strong foul smells can be a dead giveaway when it comes to infections.

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Dachshund Grooming

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Grooming dachshund dogs is fairly easy and doesn’t take up much time at all. You can easily groom your dachshund at home and save the extra cash you would have spent on a professional dog groomer.

You don’t need any grooming equipment or any other special tools. All you need for a well groomed and clean dachshund pup is:

A Good Brush – Can be purchased at a pet store for cheap. The type of bristles you should get depends on your dachshund’s coat.

Pet safe shampoo – Never use human soaps or shampoos. Your dachshund’s coat can’t handle the chemicals in human shampoos. If you want your dog to have a healthy and shiny coat- always use pet safe products!

Dog nail Clippers – Don’t use regular scissors, they will cause you more hassle than necessary. You can also use a nail file.

Cotton Balls – Can get them at any pharmacy. Q-tips for dog ears are a no-no.

Dachshund Grooming – Shiny and clean coat

Dachshund dogs are good at keeping themselves clean. Giving baths too often to your puppy can actually do more harm than good. You should bathe a dachshund every 3-6 months or when your dog gets exceptionally dirty. Always use pet safe shampoo!

If you just want to get rid of the dog smell you can spray some dog freshener on a cloth and wipe your furry friend down. I don’t like spraying that stuff on my dogs directly because it leaves too strong of a smell and my dogs don’t seem to like it very much. Wiping them down with a cloth does the job though.

Dachshund Excessive Shedding

All dogs shed, no matter the breed or size. You should expect normal shedding, and heavier seasonal shedding. If you’re dachshund is a heavy shedder, then there might be an underlying problem.

I suggest you brush down your dachshund at least once every two weeks. This will eliminate a lot of the loose hairs that are hanging on and also keep them clean. You should also brush them and inspect them for ticks after going to the park depending where you live.

Make sure you feed the dachshund with quality food and give him all the nutrients and vitamins that he needs. You should also give your dachshund more exercise to keep him healthy. If the food and exercise are not the problems (even though 9/10 ten times it most is one of the two), you should get your dachshund checked out by a vet.

Cleaning Ears

Ear infections are a common thing amongst dogs. Since they can’t keep the ears clean themselves, you will have to help them with that as a part of your grooming routine. Every other week or two, get a couple of cotton balls and wipe the inside of your dog’s ears. Don’t push the cotton balls too deep into their ear canals though.

You can also take the opportunity to inspect your dachshund’s ears for any signs of infections. A foul smell is a good indicator that something might be wrong. If you suspect that your dachshund is suffering from an ear infection take him to the vet. They will prescribe to you medication that should clear it right up.

Clipping and Trimming Nails

A broken nail is one of the most common visits to the vet. If you want to prevent these painful incidents from happening to your dachshund, clip or trim their nails on a regular basis. The shorter the nail the less likely it will get caught in something and break.

Don’t cut at the “pink” spot inside the nail. That part is very sensitive and if you cut it, it will bleed and hurt your dog. Instead give it some room and cut just the empty nail part. If you’re too scared to do it yourself, you can use a nail file to file it down instead of cutting.

Also note that dogs that spend more time outdoors will have their nails filed down naturally by running on rough terrain. The dachshunds that stay inside or don’t get much time to run around outside, will need to have their nails trimmed ever couple months.

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