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Dachshund Dog Names

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Naming a Dachshund seems like a simple task right? Well unfortunately as simple as it may seem, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with a good name. The name you give to your Dachshund puppy will last his entire lifetime, so it’s obvious why people have a hard time coming up with a good name.

Dachshund Dog Name Tips

One of the best tips I can give someone when they are picking out a name for their dog is, keep the name short and simple. Why? Well there are two basic reasons:

Reason 1: Shorter name is much easier for your Dachshund to remember

Reason 2: You don’t want to run around the park, chasing your Dachshund puppy while shouting out a ridiculously long name.

You should also avoid naming your dog after common words that you use in your everyday life. If you name your Dachshund “sausage” then every time you say the word sausage, your Dachshund will think you’re talking to him.

Take Your Time Picking the Perfect Dachshund Name

Don’t rush the naming process when choosing a name. Ask your friends and family for advice and opinions and settle only for the name you personally like the best. And once you think you found the right one, stick to it.

Dachshund Name Ideas

Here are some popular Dachshund names:

Female Dachshund Names

Anka, Elfie, Elke, Elsa, Elsie, Freda, Greta, Gretchen, Heidi, Lexi, Lulu, Maddie, Millie, Mitzi, Riley, Sammy, Schnapps, Sophie, Susie

For Male Dachshunds

Arnold, Axel, Barry, Baxter, Benson, Bentley, Cooper, Dieter, Duncan, Felix, Frank, Fritz, Gavin, G√ľnter, Jasper, Kaspar, Klaus, Luther, Marty, Max, Murphy, Oscar, Otis, Riley, Rusty, Sammy, Schnapps, Siegfried, Spencer, Tucker, Viktor, Willie

Dachshund Names By Size

Here are some name ideas for the smaller Dachshund dogs. They are a little more fitting with the miniature Dachshund size:

Miniature Dachshund Male names:

Atom, Feisty, Munchkin, Banjo, Foxy, Nails, Gumball, Nibbles, Bug, Hidalgo, Nit Pik, Bungee, Niles, Bongo, Ike, Ounce, Calvin, Itty Bitty, Pez, Jiggs, Pipsqueak, Dancer, Jiminy, Pixie, Dazzler, Pixel, Devin, Kit, Pumpkin, Dollop, Kisses, Drop, Quip, Mini, Quimby, Elf, Mite, Rival, Fang, Zippy

Mini Dachshund Female Names:

Lucky, Glitter, Lucy, Apple, Happy, Maggie, Baby, Heart, Mini, Bambi, Hillary, Minuet, Bitty, Hint, Misty, Betty Boop, Hope, Moxie, Buttercup, Honey, Nadia, Crissie, , Nelly, Dab, Itty, Nova, Diva, Jot, Ono, Dot, Jumper, Opal, Doodle, Kasey, Peanut, Elf, Kisses, Queenie, Eve, Lady, Rascal, Frisky, Limerick, Snip, Lollipop, Teeny

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Dachshund Puppies – Training & Care

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Those of you with Dachshund puppies are probably aware of how much hassle they can be at times. This article should have you better prepared with information about Dachshund puppy care and training.

The more you know about the breed, the better you will be prepared to raise a healthy, social and obedient Dachshund puppy, regardless if your puppy is Purebred Dachshund or a Dachshund Mix.

Dachshund Puppy Care

When you bring home a Dachshund puppy, you need to take care of couple of important things. Preparing and getting the Dachshund dog used to grooming is highly important while they are young.

You should frequently brush them, trim their nails, clean their ears and teeth while they are young to get them used to you doing it once they are adults. For example, you want them to know its normal when you reach for their feet to trim their nails. It will be much harder for them to get used to these things once they are older.

Remember that being brought into an unfamiliar new home with strange new people might be a little frightening. So don’t rush your puppy. Let him take everything in at his own pace. Let them smell out new things, explore different rooms and meet new people when they are ready.

Puppies, particular Dachshund pups, love to explore and naturally have a high level of curiosity. Take that into account when puppy-proofing your home. Don’t assume the puppy won’t try to get into cabinets just because there is nothing interesting there – chances are that’s the first place they will check.

Dachshund Puppy Training

You should start Dachshund puppy training right away. You don’t have to jump into trick training, but basic things like obedience, come here, and socialization training should begin as soon as possible.

Dachshund puppy training tips:

  • Introduce your Dachshund to all your friends, neighbors and family (better socialization)
  • Teach them to recognize their name (easier to get their attention later)
  • Train the puppy before a meal (the treats taste much better when they are hungry for them)
  • Use their pack mentality to your advantage during training (faster results)
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